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World Trade Port, a Serendipity Company, using

the Blue Swan Navigator for Project Management

The early days of Serendipity were lonely. None knew its impact on R&D, Projects and Daily Life

The Blue Swan App for Beauty & Health Transformation

Chance for transformation in the Netherlands

Step 1: Use the Blue Swan App for the Health Care. See publication "Finding beauty ( and Health ) in an App". See



Aim for 20% budget cut through healthtier population.

Step 2: Use the saved money for:

- WTP Breda + Mcity Development (see Breda-WTP1 menu )


- Magic Moerdijk Tunnel ( see submenu )

- Palace in Wonder World ( see submenu )

Timespan for project: 2016-2020 ( initial )

Budgetting of total project:

- Own start up money

- Collect deal money of Rijkswaterstaat ( Deal made in 2012 ), about 900.000 euro's

- Fee from the BSA app