Head Office WTP & Mcity

Bond Park at Breda.

The World Trade Port for Fast Trading anyplace, anywhere, anytime!

The World Trade Port is a chain of digital Hanseatic Cities ( or Silk route ) made for ease, co-operation, transparency, barter and trading. The ultimate goal is is to create employment everywhere.


The WTP has arisen from a situation where it appeared that many infrastructure projects were very slow, or ultimately not, realized. Often because there is simply not sufficient (financial) resources for it, the proper implementation or management knowledge was lacking or because the parties do not have the means to effectively communicate with each other. The WTP has developed an online system that overcomes these problems.

With WTP you are able to literally and figuratively explore the hidden values of knowledge and (financial) resources. Resources that are available above, on , under the ground and in the future. In addition, schedules and cost estimates are quickly and extensively mapped. The WTP is for anyone who wants to initiate, develop and realize new infrastructure, or improve infrastructure, in areas where it seems possible from a practical or commercial point of view.

The WTP is also suitable for all kind of idea and project development.

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